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I have always felt more relaxed and happy when I walk into a beautiful space. It has a palpable impact on my happiness, creativity and mood.

As an undergrad in college I was an interior design major but after two and a half years in the program I panicked, let my fear and anxiety guide me and decided to switch to a business major; at the time it seemed like the smarter and safer path to "success". If I could talk to my younger self now I would say, "stop trying to do the right thing. There is no right thing. Do what is going to make you happy and the rest will fall in line."

It turns out that I am far from alone in finding my mood positively impacted by aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Beauty and great design are by nature subjective. But we all have an emotional reaction to things that we find beautiful. Do you feel relaxed? Inspired? Productive?

Create a space that makes you feel good. Inspired. Happy.

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